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Have You Been Thinking Of Selling Your Car And Buying A New One?

Of course, your present car is precious, and you don’t want to sell it off just like that!


Your car is the second biggest investment you make after your house. You need to opt for the best way to make the most of the car sale and save up for buying your next car.


A lot of people when trying to sell their car look for options to do so. But the two ways you can sell your car is either by trading in your car or else selling it privately and all by yourself. It can be tough to choose between the two as both of them comes with their own set of advantages.


This is why you need to do your research and find out the best prices and a convenient way to sell your car to buy a better one.


There have been numerous articles online, discussing the pros and cons of both the kind of procedures. In this article, we focus on telling you which one is better, and why?


If you are looking to sell your car and confused to pick one method, then this article is for you.


Before we get on to discussing that, let’s understand what exactly is trading in your car and selling yourself and what goes into each one of them.

What Is Trading In Your Car?

It is the easiest way to exchange your current car with a new one. All you have to do is take your current car and turn it over to the dealership.


The Car dealer determines the condition and price value of the car. The price value can then be used as a down-payment to purchase your brand-new vehicle.


This is a hassle-free and quick approach to switching your old car into a new one. You don’t need to worry about the paperwork involved nor about making the sale. Leave all that to the car-dealer now.


All you have to do is just drive in the dealership with your old car and drive out in your new one!


Also, there are tax-advantages to this method which we will discuss soon. But if you are looking for an easy, hassle-free, and quick way to get a new car, then this method is the one for you.


The dealer will handle all the necessary paperwork, and conditioning required for the vehicle and move the procedures smoothly and quickly and make the whole car-trading process smooth and easy.

What Are Private Car Sales?

Private Car selling is when you handle all the meetings, payment, and selling, by yourself.


This means you need to set the right price to your car, by keeping in mind the maintenance, the number of years used, the accident history, etc. Then you need to post the ad on various sites making your car deal look attractive. You need to mention all the relevant information, details, and features of the car and wait for potential buyers to contact you.


Although this method gives you total control over the processes and the deal it can be a bit of hassle as you need to take up efforts. And sometimes a lot of effort. You need to meet people, put up a bargain, and sometimes all for vain as many prospects don’t follow up on the sale.


Private car sales take time, effort, and a lot of bargain. Eventually, you will need to lower your prices to land a sale for your car. And only after this, you can think of purchasing a new model.


Private car sales also mean you need to fix up all the issues of your car, take care of all the paperwork and procedures. And only after this, you can move on to purchasing a new vehicle for yourself.


So, it can be quite a task while opting for private car selling and only people who have a lot of time in hand and are willing to take up the efforts can choose this method.

Benefits Of Car Trading Over Car Selling?

Selling your car to a dealership is a convenient way to make the most of your car-sale. Apart from this, you can get added financial advantages. Car dealerships are always looking for new inventory to add to their showroom and sell in the future. Let’s look at some of the benefits a car-trading provides:


Selling your car to dealerships comes with an added tax advantage. This means you will only have to pay taxes for the difference amount of your current and the new car. This is highly-beneficial when you live states that have high-tax values for purchasing new vehicles. Let’s say you sold your car for a price amount of $7,000 and your new vehicle costs $15,000. You will only have to pay taxes on the difference amount of $8,000.


Imagine selling your car privately, for the same price amount. This means in private car sales, you will have to pay taxes for $15,000 when buying a new car.


Another advantage of car-trading is the amount of time you will save here. Selling your car is not an overnight task but it can be with car-trading. All you have to do is get your current vehicle to the showroom and swap it to a new car without any hassle.


Car dealers have well-equipped knowledge about cars and their prices, and you get the right amount. With an added tax advantage, you can switch to your new model and take it home in a shorter amount of time.


The same is not possible with private selling, as it involves the meeting of the potential buyer, lots of communication and bargaining for the right price, and then if you are lucky, you make a sale!


Car trading is quick. The money transaction and its procedures are made simple and assured by the dealers. The advantage here is that Car dealers are professionals. You don’t have to explain much. They know what to do and how to do it.


They check the car and make a deal right there, and you can choose a new car you want to take and make a transaction. It’s that simple. Car dealers don’t make any hassles while paying money at the right time. The speedy transactions are rest-assured in this process.


Unlike private selling, where the potential buyer always takes time in both confirming and paying the price amount of the car. This is why your payments get delayed.


Car dealership trading is both safe and professional. As both a seller and a potential buyer, you are safe and dealing with professionals who make things easier for you. Here, you only deal with the dealer, whereas in private sales, you need to meet a series of potential buyers and communicate with them. There is always a risk of getting scammed or making a bad deal.


But, with car trading with dealerships, there is no issue of that sort. Your car, your payments will be taken care of. You deal with a professional who has a sound knowledge of selling and buying cars and takes care of the majority of the work for you. All of this using ethical and trustworthy procedures.


To sell your car privately, you need to get it fixed, repaired, and conditioned to make the car look new and shiny. It takes time and effort to do that. Even then, your potential buyers may find some faulty issues in the car and not buy it. This is why private car selling takes time and effort.


All of these issues will soon force you to lower your prices on your car and sell it at a bargain.


But you can ditch all of that by opting for Car trading. Your dealer will do the work for you!


Car dealers are trained professionals, who will take a look at your current car, examine the defects, and work on fixing and reselling it. While all this is being done, you can shop around and choose a better model and before you know it, you’ll be driving home in your new car!


Apart from this, you won’t have to be worried about when and how your car would sell, neither will you have to deal with several individuals who complain about the price and condition of the car and don’t follow up!


Car Dealership trading is by far the simplest and most convenient process if you are looking for a quick and easy way to sell your car. You neither have to go through the excruciating process of selling your current car nor the mind-boggling process of buying and paying for your new car. Car dealerships handle all of that for you!

Tips For Car Trading:

So, are you thinking about selling your car to a dealership? But don’t know how to go about it?

We have listed some great tips that can work for you in getting a good deal in your Car trading. Have a look!

Do your research


Before you walk in and let the car-dealer determine the price of the car, do some prior research. You want to make sure you are getting a good price in exchange for your car. Find out what is car’s worth through online sites and compare it with similar models with the same mileage or get it checked by a professional.


Be prepared for an amount range and communicate the same with the dealer. As a seller, you need to have a good knowledge of your product too. Do your homework and have the necessary facts to back-up your price range.


You need to do some research on various car-dealers before you choose them. Various dealerships offer promotional discounts and offer for car-trading. Choose the one that has the best offer and show up!


Research the background of the company and the reputation they hold in the community. Make sure you put out the best price and negotiate your way to the desired price.


When you own a car, you need to maintain its records and receipts from day one. It comes very handily when trading in your car. It serves as proof to show that you took care and maintained the car well. The dealers ask for such receipts, and presenting all the repair and maintenance receipts can help you bag a good deal.


Car dealers often determine the worth of the car by its look. You need to show the car looks almost new. Make sure you get the general maintenance done before getting it examined by the dealer. Get your car washed, cleaned, and vacuumed to make a good impression. Also be sure to clean the engine, as the car dealer might check for some oil or grease. The better the car looks, the better the price.

Why Should You Choose Car Trading?

Here is our takeaway on why it’s better to choose dealership trading over a private sale for your precious vehicle:

trade in

It’s easy and convenient
No hassles involved
Better value
Quick and simple
Saves money
You walk away with a brand-new car!

To conclude, selling your car isn’t a cake-walk. It takes time and research. So, our advice is not to be impulsive and agree to a bad deal. Prepare to walk away from any bad deals and choose only the best for your car. Use the above-given trade-in tips and information and get a fair price, quicker process, and the best deal out of your new car. Whether it is selling to a dealership or purchasing a new model, you need to make sure you get the best deal!

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